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By Sunday Chilufya Chanda

A story is told in Greek Mythology of a young man called Narcissus who loved and cared about no one till he saw his own reflection in water and fell in love with that. He was so engrossed with the image of himself that sat there transfixed admiring it and staring at it; finally he wasted away until he perished- consumed by nothing else but his moribund love of self.

He was obsessed with self.

From this account comes the word “Narcissist” and a condition called Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). A “Narcissist” is a person that is morbidly and in love with self and exaggeratedly think of themselves more highly than others.

According to Psychologists: Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is a psychological condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance; a deep need for excessive attention and admiration; troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others.

The symptoms of NPD include

1) Self-promotion and exaggeration of own qualities and achievements- to the point that the truth about self becomes distorted to the extent of an outright lie.

2) An unrealistic sense of entitlement and authority over others, as well as an enjoyment and abuse of that authority and power.

3) An obsession with getting attention, gratification and reward from others, even if it is at the expense of someone else.

4) Fantasies of fame and notoriety.

5) Limited or no sense of guilt or responsibility in terms of actions towards others. Someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder is concerned with achieving for themselves only, if someone else is hurt along the way then so be it.

Isn’t it interesting how symptoms 1-5 of NPD ring a bell as characteristic of certain someone in NDC?


Going by the above symptoms, and the observations of many Zambians, Mr Chishimba Kambwili could be suffering from acute NPD.
For instance:
Kambwili’s self-promotion and distorted self-image that he has inflated to the point that he has delusions that President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is his peer is symptomatic of NPD – considering that when Kambwili was still learning “Mulenga and Jelita” and “Dongo na Sundu” when the Head of State was already a practicing lawyer.

For a self-deceiving 
Kambwili to therefore flatter himself by hallucinating that the Roan Constituency election is a contest between the Head of state and himself confirms a classic case of NPD.


Kambwili’s self-harming habits can be compared to prankmasters in this life who go to the extent of dangerously manipulating their diabetes and Hypertension just to attract public sympathy.

Some people abuse several bottles of fizzy drinks to launch themselves into a coma. Others induces their own diabetic coma – This presents symptoms of a very disturbed psyche.

There are confused characters in this life who deliberately escalate their blood pressure to life threatening levels – an example of self-harming habits!

Some studies have revealed that once people presenting symptoms of NPD like Kambwili have engaged full throttle in self-destruction mode, they often develop, ‘a distorted perception of reality’. They create their own reality were they think they are victims and hero’s at the same time.

That explains Kambwili’s infamous _“I can have tea in London and fly back for dinner in Lusaka in a day.”_ Statement.


It has been said that “The emptiest tins make the loudest noises”.

Kambwili is a loud talker and lousy performer. He can recklessly flaunt his questionable wealth and carelessly talk about having tea in London and flying back to have dinner in Lusaka the same day- yet do nothing for Roan Constituency in 13 years.

When PF formed government in 2011 he was the only one shunted from one ministry to another within a very short period because he is not a team player- but a total egomaniacal misfit.

He was first appointed Minister of Foreign affairs and then moved to Minister of Labour, then Minister of Sports and Youth and later Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services.

Thirteen years in parliament inflating his wealth and thirteen years of deflating Roan Constituency; thirteen years in parliament and more than five years as a Cabinet Minister with nothing to show for it in Roan Constituency.

For thirteen years Kambwili (Like Narcissus) was engrossed with a deluded picture and fantasy of himself as “President”, that he removed his focus from Roan Constituency and like his reasoning, his political fortunes wasted away; consumed by nothing else but his exaggerated love of self.

Chishimba Kambwili: The “Narcissus of Luanshya”


The Author is Patriotic Front Media Director
At Patriotic Front Secretariat


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