Those Defaming EL Will Face The Law – Amos Chanda

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Pres. Lungu on the Copperbelt

INDIVIDUALS bent on defaming the Presidency will be visited by the long arm of the law, special assistant to the president for press and public relations Amos Chanda has warned.

Mr Chanda told the Daily Nation in an exclusive interview people issue disparaging remarks against the Head of State would be arrested.

He said the law would take its course against individuals that abrogate it regardless of their status in society.

Mr Chanda said no individual would be spared for disrespecting the office of the Presidency ‘even if done in the name of freedom of expression’.

He said issuing disparaging statements at the office of the Presidency was criminal and perpetrators would face the wrath of the law.

“The disparaging statements that intend to undermine the office of the Presidency are deemed to be criminal and people involved will face the law,” he said.

Mr Chanda said it was regrettable that people intending to undermine the office of the Presidency were those who wanted to occupy it.

He said that State House was disturbed with the behaviour but it would never act on the perpetrators as the law enforcement agencies would use powers vested in them to punish people involved.

“The law exits under which the police can deal with people that are insulting the Presidency,” Mr Chanda said.

He however said State House was not derailed by the behaviour of some political leaders who want to gain political mileage by issuing disparaging statements.

Mr Chanda said State House would never be moved by mere politicking which some political leaders were exhibiting.

“State House is not bothered with people who decide to commit a crime by insulting the Presidency. The law exists under which police can deal with those matters,” he said.

Mr Chanda said State House was only bothered with degeneration of politics in the country.


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