Official: 700 So Far Dead In Cyclone Idai

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The official death toll from Cyclone Idai, which tore through southern Africa more than a week ago, rose sharply on Saturday as authorities reported scores more deaths.

The number of people declared dead in Mozambique rose from 242 to 417, Land and Environment Minister Celso Correia said.

The new figure puts the overall death toll at about 700 people across Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

The toll is expected to rise further.

The storm has killed at least 259 people in Zimbabwe, while in Malawi 56 people died when heavy rains hit ahead of the cyclone.

But the United Nations said officials will only be able to determine the final casualty figure once the flood waters have receded.

Unofficial counts still exceed 2000 deaths going by the area throw which the monster wind swept.


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