Viewpoint: Sean Tembo Is A Demagogue

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It’s very clear and evident that the opposition alliance does not have a spokesperson.

If the character of Sean Tembo is what UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his fellow opposition leaders is what they are relying on to drive a decent media campaign, events of the last few days give us an answer – they better shop around.

From the Head of State to Sunday Chanda and now to a young and defenceless female journalist, Sean Tembo has been all over with little or no tact.

This gentleman masquerading as Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) president unleashed attacks at President Edgar Lungu virtually calling him a “mad man”. Sean Tembo is challenging President Lungu’s legitimacy and is calling for a medical body to determine sound mind in the case of President.

Tembo, in his wisdom or lack of it, has convinced himself that President Edgar Lungu’s mental ability to lead the nation is compromised.

How? Only Tembo has the answer.

He is quoted; “if the medical exam determines that contrary to our suspicions, the President is actually mentally fit and that his consistent poor decisions are in-fact not premised on any mental disorder but merely incompetence, then the President will resume his duties. But at least our fears and those of the majority of our citizens that the president might be mentally ill, will be arrayed.”

This is absurd. Whatever is motivating Sean Tembo is not politics. He is either high on drugs or has a propensity to create chaotic discourse through chanting what he views may be popular views.

But this is not the type of politics Zambians deserve. Yet Sean Tembo is trying very hard to impress Hichilema so that he remains relevant to their so called alliance.

In trying to impress Hichilema, Tembo does not realise the damage he s causing to his not so popular candidate.

First of all, Sean does not only achieve in insulting President Lungu. He is also making fun of mentally challenged individuals and their relatives.

Now in his eyes, Sean believes he is making it by attacking President Lungu’s mental health with disdain. What he forgets, which he widely quotes, shows that many people by mental health.

Those who think this sector must be protected from abuse by politicians will definitely think twice about giving Sean Tembo and others their votes.

Before the dust even settles on his derogatory behavior through targeting President Lungu, Sean Tembo exposed himself even further. And we could easily deduce he is a nut case.

He went ballistic on a WhatsApp forum insulting PF Media Director Sunday Chanda. Then 24 hours later he claim the embarrassing insults was not his own but that of his assistant using his social media account.

The graphic insults in the most uncouth but usually street related language, Tembo earned himself an expulsion from the WhatsApp forum. Now keeps a careless missile within reach. If it poses danger even to itself, it should be discard.

As if insulting Sunday was not enough, Tembo using one of a PeP officials launched his attacks on female journalist Mukosha Funga.

Apparently, and according to Sean, the two had an ongoing romantic relationship so he had the right to meddle in the affairs of the team.

Now that’s childish behavior. Here is a guy who moved from a disrespectful young man to a vulgar street guy and now to an assailant on Funga. All this happening in one week.

If events of last week were anything to go by, Hichilema must be worried. Tembo is a liability will is soon running down the little effort the UPND has done to gain some semblance of popularity.


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