Viewpoint: Kalaba’s 2021 Fantasy

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For some time now, Harry Kalaba has been posturing as the country’s chosen one. This young, vibrant and perhaps charismatic leader the country has not seen since the death of Baldwin Nkumbula or the like.

Since ditching the PF about a year ago, Kalaba has been trying to curve what he calls new politics.

He wants to appear reformed and presenting himself as the new dawn of Zambian politics. He is in his mid 40s so he thinks he has fresh ideas to govern Zambia.

This is the same man not too long ago was PF. He claims to have served PF for over 10 years. So, in his own estimation, he practiced politics while working a servant. So much for a clean man.

Kalaba postures with a self inflated ego believing he is more popular than even the seasoned that have lost more than five presidential elections in the opposition.

When the opposition gathered to form an alliance, Kalaba stayed away in the name of chatting a new course.

Recently, he even Kalaba claims he’ll win the 2021 presidential election. The former Bahati MP has forgotten he rode to Manda Hill on the popularity of the ruling party PF.

Even when the odds don’t favor him at all, Kalaba believes he will be the man to beat in 2021. If this is not a joke of the century, there is need to find a better classification of what it is.

Read how Kalaba recently massaged his ego;

“I am Harry Kalaba, so accept that, and I am not going to compare myself to anybody else, I have come with my own manifesto, I have come with my own mind and I have refused to compare myself to anybody.

“I acknowledge the good works that Mr Hakainde Hichilema has done in this country, he has formed a formidable opposition, you can’t take away from him but I am saying I have also now come on the market. What the Zambian people now require is choice, they want choice. And they don’t want to listen to those people who are saying ‘No, Kalaba cannot win the elections in 2021, he has just come on the scene.

“In Zambia, they say unless you stay for 10 years, unless you lose for 2 or 3 times. Watch the space, me I am not going to lose anything. In 1991, did Chiluba lose any election to become President? Chiluba was president just within the next 6 months. I am going to be president in 2021..

“And I respect Mr Hichilema myself, if I had a wedding in my family and invite Mr Hichilema to come and attend that wedding, it should not be a surprise. Because first of all, the man has accomplished himself, he has acquitted himself in so many ways.”

Kalaba’s biggest motivation is that second Republican president Frederick Chiluba became president just six months after becoming MMD president.

The former foreign affairs minister has no history of activism, no history of unionism and nothing else other than being a son of a former Bahati MP and thinks this is enough to push him to the presidency.

Why is Kalaba making himself a bad joke. Anyway, we need more Chilufya Tayalis on the scene. Welcome aboard Kalaba’s fantasy island.



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