Fallen Jerabo Was Not Honoured – State House

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Presidential spokesperson Amos Chanda says no formal recognition honor was accorded to any youth this year on Youth Day.

Responding to media claims why government decided to honor the late leader of a section of small scale miners, Mr. Youngson Kalobo, Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations, Amos Chanda said government had not awarded any records of honour this year to any youth.

Mr. Chanda explained that the formal Honours’ List is under the Presidency, headed by the Her Honour the Vice-President and this year, no special recognition was given to anyone.

“On Women’s Day on 8th March, the President made a special recognition of some women; so did Hon Given Lubinda on International Human Rights Day on 10th December 2018. On Youth Day, President Lungu laid a wreath at the Freedom Statue in honour of the fallen youths who contributed to Zambia’s freedom struggle. He did not specifically confer any honours any one individual,” Mr. Chanda said.

He went on to explain that government has a formal procedure that requires structured approvals for anyone to be be given State Honours.

“The formal Honours’ List is under the Presidency, headed by the Her Honour the Vice-President. Her committee identies and evaluates potential recipients and the approved names are entered into the Government Gazette which is exclusively published shed by the Government Printer.”

Therefore, any other localized decisions outside this established criteria and protocols does not constitute State Honours.


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