Street Vendors: Keep Zambia Clean Campaigner Speaks Out

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Mwewa (l) and PF SG Davies Mwila

Self-appointed chief campaigner of the Keep Zambia Clean campaign Chitambala Mwewa has expressed displeasure at the announcement that street vendors should be allowed.

Mwewa believes the announcement by the PF top brass was a strike in the foot.

PF SG Davies Mwila announced yesterday that street vendors should be allowed to trade without interference.



I read in utter disbelief the statement issued by Mr. Sunday Chilufya Chanda on remarks made by PF Secretary General, Mr. Davis Mwila to some party officials in Chawama.

Mr. Mwila said, “We are voted for by our poor people and we therefore refuse as a Party that our people must be mistreated for selling cooking sticks”. It is clear that this statement is an oversimplification of the complex matter at hand. It disappoints me that the S.G is going against the grain of positive change in as far as cleanliness is concerned.

The Make Zambia Clean CAMPAIGN was launched by His Excellency, The President, Mr. Lungu, in the wake of the CHOLERA epidemic.

The bold decision The President took to change the mind set of the average Zambian is now under threat by the S.G’s off-the-cuff remark. The SG further states that “A street or two could be dedicated to street vending in Lusaka” This is a very impractical approach to the matter. As you know, Lusaka is heavily congested…is the SG suggesting that we further congest the City by allocating “a street or two to street vending”?

Let us not forget that the CLEAN-UP EXCERCISE cost the Zambian tax payer over 1Billion Kwacha. Furthermore, 1,200 tons of garbage was being ferried from the central business district to the Chunga dumpsite on a daily basis for 3 months.

It’s clear to me that there is no “ONENESS OF PURPOSE” between the PF Secretariat and the Local Authority. Let me remind you that there is a statutory instrument that prohibits street vending…how do you propose to work “around” that fact? You CANNOT rule by decree, albeit outside of your jurisdiction.

The SG’s office is not in line with The President’s vision for a CLEAN, GREEN AND HEALTHY ZAMBIA. YOU ARE MORE INTERESTED IN PANDERING TO THE PUBLIC.

The SG’s office is not working in Tandem with The President, LCC and Ministry of Local Government and Housing. The Secretariat is leading the charge but in the opposite direction.

The only solution, is for THE VENDORS to operate from within designated Markets, where they will have access to clean water, shelter and toilet facilities.

Rwanda has just sent a satellite into Space…we are still grappling with Street VENDORS.


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