UPND Continues Anti-Democratic Tradition

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“It is corruption of the highest order to continue in a party that does not respect their own document which states that they should have elections,” Malambo Member of Parliament, Makebi Zulu told Parliament yesterday.

Mr Zulu, said the dictionary definition of corruption fitted in well with the UPND, whose members have failed to comply with what their own constitution says about the need to hold elections.

Corruption is dishonesty and illegal behaviour by people in positions of authority, that members of the UPND knowing they are duty to hold elections, have opted not to do so for the 12 years that Mr Hakainde Hichilema has been at the helm.

It is undemocratic, he said, for the United Party for National Development not to renew their mandate in line with their constitution by way of elections.

Contributing to the debate on President Edgar Lungu’s recent address to Parliament on the application of National Values and Principles, Mr Zulu said it was far-fetched to expect a non-democratic party to form a democratic government.

He said the UPND, which last held internal elections in 2006 would only come to power through elections.

“It is clear that the party that does not hold elections to renew their mandate, expects to get into power not by an election but by a means such as an impeachment motion or going to court because they are not used to elections,” Mr Zulu said.

He urged Zambians to continue expressing higher levels of patriotism and embrace good governance.

Mr Zulu maintained that UPND is immoral for not accepting election results and should instead direct their impeachment motion against their leader, Mr Hichilema who has been holding on to the reins of power.

“It is immoral for the UPND not to accept election results and I urge them to direct their impeachment motion in their party because since 2006 no party convention has been held,” Mr Phiri said.

Minister in the Office of the Vice President Sylvia Chalikosa said the impeachment call being propagated by the UPND is the fear to contest elections against President Lungu in the 2021 elections.

Ms Chalikosa said there was need to uphold high moral values and that it was appropriate that South African dancer Zodwa was not allowed in Zambia as she would have corrupted the morals of the public.

And Central Province Minister Sydney Mushanga complained that UPND MPs do not sing the national anthem in the House but opt to remain silent.

Mr. Mushanga said there was need for all MPs to show patriotism and urged the First Deputy Speaker Catherine Namugala to observe the MPs during the next sitting of the House.


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