How Kambwili Became a Chola Boy for HH

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Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) Die Hard National Youth Coordinator Gerald Chiluba has described NDC Consultant Chishimba Kambwili as a hypocrite and a loud mouth with no fixed position on national matters.

Chiluba who was reacting to Chishimba Kambwili’s statement that the opposition will walk out if he is not part of the dialogue meetings, said Chishimba Kambwili has no fixed position as a politician something which he said is dragging the country’s politics in the mud.

The former COBUSU President explained that the Roan law maker is a person filled with insults and disrespect for everyone but himself.

“Kambwili himself is a wrong chap, filled with insults and disrespectful towards everyone except himself. He is a selfish leader who believes everything must suit him and he must have everything or else no one should.

“Kambwili wants to attend meetings as a president of a political party yet he refuses to be recongnised as such so that he continues to get tax payers money by false pretence as PF Member of Parliament. It is high time Zambians stopped listening to such individuals who only want things to suit them and when it doesn’t then it is bad,” he said.

And on the issue of MMD Chiluba who is also former ZANASU General Secretary said his party will not be dragged into the argument of who owns his party because the MMD belongs to Zambians unlike his NDC which was formed out of frustration and greed by an individual who was fired by his President.

“Our party is not a party born out of greed but was created by citizens to serve the Zambian people not individuals. The issue of belonging to an individual does not exist in MMD because the general membership chooses the party leadership at a convention every five years. The conversation about who is legitimate MMD is a forgotten story and Kambwili can use other issues to gain relevance.

“To call Nevers Mumba as president of MMD shows the hypocrisy of Kambwili because during campaigns he referred to Hon Felix Mutati as president and Hon Nakacinda as SG of MMD because then it was convinient for him. Infact when he suffered a heavy slap from my predecessor and now Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo at parliament building he is on record both in print and electronic press referring to Hon Nakacinda as MMD SG including on the Hansard records on the floor of parliament.

“Today because he has an issue, he wants to hypocritically recognise Nevers Mumba as president. He should tell the nation again like he did with the song ‘Dununa Reverse’ that he didn’t know what he was singing or maybe whether it’s the severity of the slap from the honorable that made him lose his head for him to refer to Nakacinda as SG of MMD,” he said.

Chiluba said it is leaders like Kambwili the country should be weary of because their truth is only economical when they are eating.

Further the reneged youth leader advised opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema to be weary of the likes of Kambwili because they will leave him for the nearest meal.

“When they are eating they are loud mouths defending everything and everyone. When they are out, they vomit everything they swallowed in public. Leaders who say when I campaigned for Edgar Lungu I didn’t know what I was doing are not serious and are not worth the attention of the nation because they are toying with the lives of the people.

The Die hards went further to liken Kambwili to lone People’s Party president Mike Mulongoti who upon his failure to secure a job after campaigning for President Lungu, started opposing the PF.

“He is just like Mulongoti who told the nation in 2015 that Edgar Lungu was the best President Zambia will ever have and upon failing to get a job, he quickly vomited and swallowed the very insults he hurled at HH and is now after Hakainde’s food. HH should be weary of these political scavengers who will dump him for the nearest meal,” he said.

Kambwili on Saturday told the media that the opposition will walk out of the dialogue meeting if Mumba and himself are not allowed to attend due to the Patriotic Front’s demands.

The PF and many stakeholders have condemned the three Church motherbodies for not only going ahead to hold their consultative meeting without ZCID but for equally having invited embattled politicians like Kambwili and Nevers Mumba.

Nakacinda in his party’s new year’ message questioned the locci standi of Dr Mumba and Roan parliamentarian for the Church to have invited them to be part of the consultative meeting for presidents of political parties.

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